Seneca County Facts

The Finger Lakes Regional Airport provides easy access to many local colleges and businesses. Car Service is available.
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Local values. Forward vision.

"Local values. Forward vision." It’s our approach at the Seneca County IDA (SENIDA). We personalize our financial incentives and related support to make it simple for businesses to locate and expand in Seneca County. With our broad range of knowledge and aggressive attention to detail, SENIDA helps companies explore and discover opportunities in Seneca County—and then we put the details in place for a smooth, simple transition and long-term success in the new or expanded location.

In the past five years, SENIDA has:

  • Supported expansion of local businesses such as ITT/Goulds Pumps and BonaDent
  • Provided PILOT Increment Financing, resulting in infrastructure development (water/sewer) that now serves both projects and the community at large
  • Enabled redevelopment efforts at the former Seneca Army Depot
  • Aided growth of tourism
  • Supported development of Deer Run Industrial Park

Top three industries
SENIDA has identified strategic industries for the Seneca County region. We focus our efforts on growing and attracting the following sectors:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Alternative Energy
  • Agribusiness
  • Healthcare
  • Destination Tourism